Monday, November 24, 2008

Price break...

oh lord... here it comes...
we were told by our accountants that if we did not raise our prices we'd be lucky to make it another 6 months.

so... since we have PLANS, and we want to share them with you - and because we get the feeling from many of you that you'd like it if we stayed - we have no choice but to put up prices.

the hard part was deciding by how much.

so, generally speaking - after much painstaking spreadsheet calculating and head-scratching - most everything is going up by 50 cents. A few items went up by a little more, some by a little less... and believe it or not, a couple actually went DOWN by a dime or two.

Specialty items, custom orders and catering will also see increases but we're confident that we're still not out of our reasonable price range. We've had comments that our catering is "very reasonable, almost too cheap," so we feel there's a bit of room to move there, as we know our product is of high quality.

Oh, and by popular demand... THE BLACKBOARD MENU is coming back. I painted the wall for it today, and over the next couple days will reinstate it for old times sake. Many customers have commented how much they miss it, and we had to admit that we missed it too! We'll keep the printed menus for the convenience of taking them to your table for leisurely contemplation, but the blackboard will be resurrected for quick decision-making and to make it more obvious that we do serve more than nanaimo bars & muffins.

and don't forget - christmas is a'comin... so if you want us to do your baking for you, order it soon!!

ciao for now

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Sheena said...

I LOVE that we live (when we're not galavanting) in a town where the bakery spontaeously starts following our blog. Life is good!