Monday, May 18, 2009

licensed to take it up a notch!

Well... FINALLY! After a long haul that began in September 2008, we have FINALLY got our liquor license!!

This is such an exciting step in our evolution...

When we bought "wild blueberry bakery" back in March 2006, we had a long term vision. Neither of us ever had dreams of owning a bakery... neither of us are "bakers", least of all me.. Ian has always made bread, and does 90% of the cooking at home... but i was never one of those super-domestics who made cookies & cakes, and fancy desserts just for the heck of it. Give me a reason to throw a party and I'll dust off my culinary chops, but frankly, I got pretty lazy when ian came along and started doing all the cooking!

anyway, the vision from day one was a bistro - bustling with great people, notorious for a wicked wine & scotch list, loved for the interesting and delicious but not expensive food, and simply a great place to be. We think we're getting there.

Ian & I have two favourite restaurants always in mind when we discuss our vision... Ian's is "Amalfi" in Adelaide, South Australia, and mine is "Pagliacci's" in Victoria, BC... our intention is to take the best things of those two places and put our own stamp on them to create Wild... in it's full expression.

We're gettin' there.

We still have a ways to go - there's more construction & decor that need to evolve, there's a bigger bar list that needs to build up, there's a regular menu that needs to be set, and specials that need to be invented... but those will all come together over the next few months... and from there, it's all gravy.

We couldn't have gotten this far without our wonderful customers. I hope you all know that! You are the reason we exist, and we hope that we treat you like that every day... and that if we don't, you'll let us know!

Your support, understanding, empathy, feedback, word-of-mouth and recommendations are all so very important to us. Your suggestions & requests are not taken lightly. Of course we can't possibly accommodate EVERYTHING, but we really do our best to find the balance that fits with our vision and your needs.

So, our hours will be changing on JUNE 8th...
New hours: Monday thru Saturday, 10:30am-10:30pm
We'll see how that works for the summer...

We'll look forward to seeing you!

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