Thursday, July 23, 2009


ok, so ya, i vented a little bit in that last post... hopefully i'm allowed and hopefully i didn't upset too many people.

i'll try to keep things more positive and upbeat... but fact is, sometimes this job is bloody hard and there are days when the thought crosses our minds to just stop... go get real jobs and have a paycheque again... and benefits (hm... i've never had a job with benefits... dunno if i could cope!)

thankfully, those moments are usually short-lived, and tempered with the knowledge that we actually do love what we're doing...

that whole line about doing what you love and the money will follow... i guess they never promised how close behind the money would follow... :D

but we're not really here for the money... i mean, it'd be nice if we didn't have to WORRY about how things were gonna get paid, but we're keeping our heads above water and it gets better every day... generally.

anyway - i just wanted to apologize for venting a little ... and reiterate how much we truly love and appreciate our customers - particularly the ones we see all the time who support us so amazingly, and help us out with honest feedback and helpful ideas... and the NEW ones who are just discovering us! Thanks for taking the trip off the beaten path and coming in our door!

Happy Sea-Cav!

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