Wednesday, June 4, 2008

summer... ? summer? where ARE YOU????

ok, so this seems to be a trend. LAST YEAR we had this same issue - summer, gone missing...

Do you remember the ad in the paper? i think it was mid july... "LOST: SUMMER... IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN TO THE SUNSHINE COAST"... it was brilliant and oh so true.

We really will have to make severe changes if we don't get a summer again this year... it's surprising to me just how dependent our business is on the weather.

I'm not surprised by the kiosk's dependence on good weather, tho it is significantly slower down there than i expected. I'm sure it will pick up once school is out and families are travelling... but wow, it's tough to sit down there for a whole day.

As for the bistro - changes are afoot!
We got the ok to take down the wall and expand... so watch for it... the long awaited expansion - we've been talking about it for over a year. We've decided to just GO FOR IT... so things may seem a little more chaotic than usual while we make that happen - as it will be a night time transformation cuz we can't afford to close for a week to do it... We beg your patience & understanding while we go through the transformation.

AND - if you have a nice old table taking up extra space, we'd love to take it off your hands. We're looking for solid wood tables with character... that don't need a TON of refinishing, but will stand up to regular use. We're also looking for a comfy, easy to clean couch and big comfy chairs... if you've got something in storage, or are upgrading your living room - let us know. Of course there are certain parameters we have to keep in mind, as these will become public seating, so they must be clean and easy to keep clean - leather or microfiber would be preferred. Ya, it's a big ask, but if you don't ask, you don't know!

We really really hope to have at least the wall down and seating in before the next coffeehouse (June 14), because the LAST 2 coffeehouses have been standing room only... which is great, but not all the comfortable for those left standing for 2 hours...

After that will come the lunch counter, and the reconfiguration of the kitchen... i think it's gonna be great. We'll be able to seat 20-30 more people, and have a great space for parties & events.

Speaking of parties - did you know you can book the bistro for your own private functions?
Evenings & weekends we're available to host your party, mixer, meeting, seminar... whatever. Call us to discuss details - you can either rent for a flat fee that includes one staff member & beverage service... or go all out and have us cater your event, too!

Don't forget to come visit the kiosk - open every day! (so if you're hankering for a great coffee on a sunday or monday, just run down the hill to the wharf and you'll find us...)

that's all for now.
back to waiting for the sun.

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