Tuesday, September 9, 2008

bye bye summer

Oh my... I DO apologize - it's been SO long since my last confession...

Seriously. I do NOT know how those professional bloggers do it... write every day, maybe even multiple times... jeez, you'd think they got paid to write or something!

Anyway... what can we tell you about the last few months?

So much has happened, and yet it was not a summer of any great note as far as numbers were concerned - down about 20% over last year, in fact. But I understand that's not uncommon... seems it's kind of just "the way it was" this year.

Our foray into multiple locations has come to an end. Simply was not what we expected being down there at the Gibsons Harbour. It was a ton of work, and the cost of doing business there was not being met by the revenues at any point, which was really disappointing. We'd had such high hopes, but I think what really got us more than the lack of tourists, or the rise of the "staycation" was simply that we were stretched beyond our limit. We didn't have enough staff, we didn't have enough resources, and we simply didn't have what it required to make it successful.

Live & learn.

On to other things! Like our gorgeous, wonderful, miraculous expansion here at Gibsons Way!!

If you haven't been in to see it yet, we really hope you DO come soon!
We had a fantastic team of volunteers - friends, family & customers who came out and swung hammers and swathed paint, and swept and washed, and drywalled, and decorated, and played with electricity... it was so incredibly cool and generous and amazing, and we are very very grateful and appreciative of every single second you spent helping us achieve this step in the journey.

In a nutshell, we've nearly doubled the size of the seating area, built a bar, rearranged the main service area, added a men's restroom (complete with the requisite fixtures), upgraded the overall look & feel of the entire place, redirected the chi, and boosted the energy level.

Hmmm... built a bar, you say?? YES!
So, one thing leads to another... no saying yet WHEN that will come, but expect sometime in the not ridiculously distant future to be able to get a glass of great draft or a hand selected red with you meals... aw heck, maybe even a perfect martini!
And THAT would also suggest that perhaps meals past 6pm might be on the horizon... WATCH FOR IT. We'll be doing test runs by invitation, so join the mailing list and we'll tell you how you can get invited!

The whole coffeehouse idea is going really really well... summer was a bit quiet, but we're looking forward to re-ramping things up this fall. We had standing room only crowds in the spring... now everyone can have a seat! and it'll be so comfortable you may never want to leave!

Again, join the mailing list so you can stay up to date with who's playing when... we've got shows on Sept 13, Sept 27 and Oct 11 fully booked... plus Nov 8 and Dec 13 and maybe more in between. Check the website for details (right hand side of the homepage).

I think that's all I can tell you right now. There are some other things brewing but until we have a good handle on them we'll keep them under wraps.

Watch for new menu items - likely sometime in October...
and special events...

see you soon!


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