Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oscar night...

Who really cares about who wins... i mean, come on... does it matter one little bit in the grand scheme of things??? OF COURSE IT DOES... It's the perfect, non-secular, non-commercial (in that you don't have to buy a $7 greeting card), Sunday night excuse to have a spectacular dress up affair, eat fancy-schmancy food, drink champagne, and live vicariously through the rich & famous...

And we do it EVERY YEAR.

This will be our 10th annual oscar party... but our first "public" one... and I have to say I'm a little nervous. We've been so busy, I completely forgot about the idea of decorations! Now, we HAVE a red carpet, cuz that's a MUST... but outside of that, the crunch is on and today is d-day... got to get creative and decide how best to decorate this joint to give the illusion of glitz & glamour, cuz well, frankly, we're pretty much NOT glitz & glamour people, but for this one day a year.

I'm not worried about the food... that part i KNOW will be good... we've got some super yummy stuff prepared, and more on the way. And the sparkling shiraz won't go astray either... if you've never had it, then this is a great excuse to get out and try it!

And well... the dress... provided it still fits and i don't look like a fish wrapped in tin foil, we should be all good. Ian's suit has been dry cleaned - yes, you'll get to see Ian in a suit... no maple leaf or anything...

We've got some lovely prizes... many of our friends have come through with gifts for us to share and we're very grateful: Blackfish Pub, Carol Cares (Massage therapy), QT's Hair Design, People Skills Press, Wild Bistro, Penhallow's Pantry, La Petite Souris (chocolates!), Libre Tea, Myoga, Loumidees, Snowcap, some CDs, and other trinkets.

Whatever happens, it will be a good party. That's something we are pretty confident in - throwing parties that people enjoy.

So haul out your finery - or your most outrageous glamour duds... put Cher to shame if you must... and come celebrate with us! Sunday, Feb 22 - 4-10pm here at the bistro... $20 tickets must be reserved in advance (604.886.1917 or to reserve)

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