Saturday, March 14, 2009

forward & upward...

one more step toward the vision... the liquor license application has been submitted! YAY! According to the liquor board rep i spoke with, it should be a fairly quick approval process as, strangely enough, our application was complete... why would anyone submit an incomplete application??

anyway... with the liquor license comes other changes, which are yet to be finalized and a date for which has yet to be determined...

but what changes, you might ask?

well, new hours, for starters... not entirely certain what those will be yet, but we're pretty sure they will not include opening at 8am anymore... unless there's a wild protest. You see, mornings are not our busiest time. In fact, mornings are more often than not, quite quiet before 10am. Especially saturdays, which is weird. But I suppose since we don't serve actual breakfast, that's not THAT weird.

We're really on the fence about it... we don't want to alienate those few but loyal customers who DO come thru our door before 10am, but at the same time, the cost of being open for them is much more than the revenue we generate from them... tho we enjoy their company and value their business, it doesn't really make financial sense.

Here's what we're thinking for hours, and we welcome your comments & feedback:
10:30am-2:30pm - open for lunch, then between 2:30-5:00 open just for snacks & coffee while we prep for dinner, 5:00-9/10/11 open for dinner... Our lease only allows us to be open until 11pm, and since we are below apartments, it's only fair to our neighbours that we be done business by then.

and so what about menu... might be your next question.

that's a surprise!
but we'll tell you this - there will be a good selection of appetizers, salads & desserts, with a small selection of constant mains and then a list of "features" that will change as inspiration comes... mains will be available in single size and share size, as will some of the appy's... per person pricing for things like antipasto platters & machos (yes, that's Machos... you'll see).

and the bar... expect a small and eclectic wine list with more reds than whites... import beer, premium spirits and a short cocktail menu with specials... and a rotating single malt scotch list.

at REASONABLE prices.
house wine will come in at under $5 a glass...
and no, it won't be Calona Red Table Wine

Above all, you can expect the same quality of great food & service at a middle of the road price... somewhere between McD's and Spence... a place where families are welcome, meals are filling, atmosphere is friendly, and the experience is one you'll choose to repeat regularly...

at least that's what we're aiming for.

And we trust you'll let us know how we're doing!

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