Thursday, April 10, 2008

playing with my head...

I suppose it's true... there IS a restaurant god... or a whole bevy of them.

And they're playing with my head these days.

Things were going along swimmingly... spring break was better than usual, easter weekend was great, and the week AFTER spring break & easter - which is traditionally a deadzone - was really quite busy (comparatively speaking). I was feeling really encouraged and buoyed by the idea that maybe we'd have a better spring than last year... (from which we're still recovering).

Then it all tanked. Sales went to HALF what they were in that week after easter... with no apparent reason why.

And they stayed that way.. it wasn't just a day or two, it was almost two full weeks!

Then today, just as I'm on the verge of panic (tho i'm trying really really hard to accept, surrender, trust and be thankful) we had a very acceptable day - a higher than average day for this time of year, in fact, a decent day for the busy times of year... so my hope and faith are stayed again.

Some days i get the feeling that the restaurant gods are just testing me...
to see if i have what it takes for this work.

i prefer the days when i'm confident that i'm at the head of the class.

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