Saturday, April 19, 2008

winter in april...

just when you thought spring had sprung... old man winter shows up for another kick at the can.

gratefully, cold pushes people through our doors... theory has it, it's warm & toasty in a bakery. We are, however, desperately looking forward to spring & summer and SUNSHINE and WARMTH.

we didn't get any snow that stayed this weekend - at least, not yet - so we can't complain a LOT... but it's biting cold out for the last half of April, and the wind is far too chilly.

And... we just bought new patio furniture to replace the old wooden stumps that have thus far passed as tables out there! I think so far just 8 people have tried it out.

Do come on down and visit - even if it's winter-like...
this CANNOT last forever...

can it?

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