Wednesday, April 9, 2008

taming the wild beastro

what's a wild beastro, anyway?

that would be me or ian after too many nights in a row of not enough sleep and too many mornings where lack of sleep caused stupidity and clouded judgment.

we've had a few of those lately... staying up too late discussing our future, our plans, goals & vision... and how we're gonna achieve them when there are not enough people coming through the door every day.

but WAIT - let me make one thing very very clear...
WE HAVE AWESOME CUSTOMERS. We would never have survived the first two years without the amazing, loyal, supportive, helpful people who come through our door on a highly regular basis... When I say "not enough people coming through the door," it is not meant in any way to discount the steadfastness of these people who've stuck by us through the winter doldrums that are part and parcel of the restaurant business.

Now that we have that settled... we could use some more of you!
It's been a rough year, and a particularly rough winter... financially anyway. We made some less than prudent choices in the past 12 months which are coming back to haunt us. Suffice to say, we're learning some hard lessons right now and we'd really like to be able to say we've LEARNED them so we can move on to the next lesson.

Sadly, that's not the case quite yet.
Right now we're learning - well, I'm learning - that there is no room in this business for people who are unfocused or undisciplined. My only resolution this year was to be more disciplined... and in some ways i am, but I'm noticing that my attention to that task has waned significantly since the beginning of the year.
Being more disciplined would help me get more done in a day.
Being more disciplined would likely help us get more customers through the door... because i'd have the signage fixed, and the advertising placed, and the tablecloths ironed, and the display cooler crystal clear and shiny... and so on and so on...

But instead... i'm here at 10:46 pm, waiting for a cake to chill so i can finish frosting it so it will be ready for pick up at 7am... and instead of doing something like build an ad, or design the signage, or print some menus, or create summer picnic packages... i'm writing a blog.

yep, i'm easily swayed by technology... i've been that way since at least 1983.
you could say it's my non-nicotine addiction... ian smokes, i hang out on the computer... they're probably equally as bad for us.

and probably what keeps us each sane.

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